Single Molecule Analysis with Planar Optofluidics

  • Holger Schmidt
  • Aaron R. Hawkins
Part of the Integrated Analytical Systems book series (ANASYS)


Integrated optofluidics uses integrated optical elements for building a new generation of analytical devices that feature planar architectures for both fluidics and optics. Liquid-core optical waveguides that can simultaneously guide both liquids and light through micron-scale hollow channels are essential components of such a platform. Here, we review advances in single particle detection, manipulation, and analysis in integrated optofluidic chips based on liquid-core antiresonant reflecting optical waveguides (ARROWs). Starting from a discussion of physical principles and fabrication methods, we discuss demonstrations of liquid-core waveguiding, fluorescence and Raman detection, single molecule analysis, and all-optical particle manipulation. Special emphasis is placed on the on-chip implementation of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy for analysis of biological particles, including liposomes and viruses. An outlook on future opportunities and challenges is given.


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Many students and colleagues have contributed to the research described in the preceding sections. It is a great pleasure to acknowledge the contributions of D. Yin, J.P. Barber, D.W. Deamer, P. Measor, E.J. Lunt, S. Kühn, M.I. Rudenko, M. Smith, B.S. Phillips, M.R. Holmes, D. Ermolenko, H.F. Noller, L. Seballos, J. Zhang, M.G. Finn, U. Håkanson, and V. Sandoghdar. The different aspects of this work were enabled by financial support from the National Institutes of Health (grants R21EB003430 and R01EB006097), the National Science Foundation (grants ECS-0528730 and ECS-0528714), the W.M. Keck Foundation (National Academies Keck Futures Initiative Award NAKFI-Nano14), the California Systemwide Biotechnology Research & Education Program Training Program (grant UC-GREAT 2005–245), NASA (NASA/UARC Aligned Research Program (ARP) grant), the D. Huber Foundation, and Ted Goldstein.


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