Droplet Based Cavities and Lasers

  • Kristian Mølhave
  • Anders Kristensen
  • Niels Asger Mortensen
Part of the Integrated Analytical Systems book series (ANASYS)


The self-organized and molecularly smooth surface on liquid microdroplets makes them attractive as optical cavities with very high quality factors. This chapter describes the basic theory of optical modes in spherical droplets. The mechanical properties including vibrational excitation are also described, and their implications for microdroplet resonator technology are discussed. Optofluidic implementations of microdroplet resonators are reviewed with emphasis on the basic optomechanical properties.


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This work is supported by the Danish Technical Research Council (grant no. 26-02-0064) and the Danish Council for Strategic Research through the Strategic Program for Young Researchers (grant no. 2117-05-0037).


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    • 1
  • Anders Kristensen
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  • Niels Asger Mortensen
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  1. 1.DTU NanotechTechnical University of DenmarkØrsteds PladsDenmark

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