Head and Neck Presentations of Intracranial Lesions

  • Qihui J. ZhaiEmail author
  • Ady Kendler
Part of the Frozen Section Library book series (FROZEN, volume 5)


Because of the close proximity of the intracranial compartment to head and neck sites, central nervous system (CNS) lesions may be encountered in this region, as primary tumors, developmental or traumatic displacements, and due to direct extension from the brain or meninges. Awareness of CNS lesions (many of which are more easily identified on intraoperative touch/smear preparations made from the typically scant tissue provided) will avoid misdiagnosis during surgery and on permanent specimens. Clinical and radiologic information, of course, is very helpful. The histology of these entities, described below, is identical to their intracranial counterpart.


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