• Svetlana Justickaja
  • Vaidas Kalpokas
  • Laura Ūselė


Lithuania is the biggest state in the Baltic region, in territory and population. [The other Baltic states are Latvia and Estonia.] Its territory is 65,300 km2. On March 11 1990 Lithuania proclaimed the restoration of its statehood. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania; its population is over half a million. Other big cities are Kaunas (population 360,627); large harbor Klaipėda (population 194,400); Šiauliai (population 129,037); Panevėžys (population 116,247). The other cities have a population of less than 100,000. There are 10 districts in Lithuania; they are divided into 60 municipalities.


Risk Behaviour Small Town Delinquent Behaviour Juvenile Delinquency Violence Offence 
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