Creating Bibliographies Using EndNote

  • Abha Agrawal


  • A summary of the steps required for inserting citations and creating a bibliography using EndNote.

  • About output styles and working in the style manager to perform such tasks as marking a favorite style and editing or creating a new style.

  • How to create a manuscript using EndNote manuscript templates.

  • How to insert references from an EndNote library into a manuscript.

  • How to perform various operations on in-text citations in a manuscript such as editing, deleting, moving and, unformatting.

  • How to create bibliographies.

  • How to customize the font, layout, and placement of a bibliography.

  • How to find and edit cited references in a library.

  • How to create a bibliography from multiple documents.

  • How to include notes in a list of references.

  • How to work with figures and charts/tables.

  • About field codes, traveling library, and sharing your manuscript.

  • How to cite references in footnotes.

  • How to create independent bibliography, subject bibliography, and subject lists.

  • How to set CWYW preferences.

  • About miscellaneous tasks such as turning off field shading.


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