Introduction to Electrochemical Process Integration for Cu Interconnects

  • Takayuki OhbaEmail author


This chapter focuses on advanced multilevel interconnects, contributed by distinguished authors in the following sections: Damascene Concept and Process Steps (Nobuyoshi Kobayashi), Advanced BEOL Technology Overview (Takashi Yoda and Hideshi Miyajima), Lithography for Cu Damascene fabrication (Yoshihiro Hayashi), Physical Vapor Deposition Barriers for Cu metallization PVD Barriers (Junichi Koike), Low-k dielectrics (Yoshihiro Hayashi), CMP for Cu Processing (Manabu Tsujimura), Electrochemical View of Copper Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) (D. Starosvetsky and Y. Ein-Eli), and Copper Post-CMP Cleaning (D. Starosvetsky and Y. Ein-Eli).


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