Endoscopic Techniques for Optical Imaging

  • E. Namati
  • M.J. Suter
  • G. McLennan


Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the industrialized world (Landis et al., 1998). Despite recent advancements to reduce the mortality associated with this disease, patient prognosis remains poor, with the current 5-year survival rate under 16%, a rate that has seen no dramatic change over the past 30 years (Jemal et al., 2007; Proctor 2001). It is set to become a worldwide epidemic with the World Health Organization estimating 10 million deaths per year worldwide by the year 2030 (Proctor 2001). While fatal in most cases, early stage lung cancer can be cured. At the time of presentation, less than 15% of patients have localized disease that may be amenable to surgical resection and potential cure; of these patients, the 5-year survival is still a low 60–70%, indicating that even earlier diagnosis is important.


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