Cancer of the Lip and Oral Cavity

  • Eric K. Hansen
  • Sue S. Yom
  • Chien Peter Chen
  • Naomi R. Schechter


The oral cavity consists of the upper and lower lips, gingivobuccal sulcus, buccal mucosa, upper and lower gingiva (including alveolar ridge), retromolar trigone, hard palate, floor of mouth, and anterior two-third of the tongue. CN XII provides motor innervation of the tongue, and the lingual nerve (CN V) provides sensory innervation. Taste is mediated by the chorda tympani branch of CN VII for the anterior two-third of the tongue and CN IX for the posterior 1/3. Risk factors for oral cavity cancer include tobacco, alcohol, poor oral hygiene, and betel and areca nuts. Oral leukoplakia can proceed to cancer (4–18%) as can erythroplakia (30%).


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