Cancer of the Penis

  • Alice Wang-Chesebro
  • William Foster
  • Alexander R. Gottschalk


Penile cancer is rare in Western countries (<1% of cancers in men), but accounts for 10–20% of male malignancies in Africa, Asia, and South America. LN drainage: skin of penis – bilateral superficial inguinal nodes; glans penis – bilateral inguinal or iliac nodes; penis corporal tissue – bilateral deep inguinal and iliac; 20% chance of LN+ at surgery if clinically node negative. Risk factors: uncircumcised status, phimosis, poor local hygiene, HPV-16, 18. Pathology: 95% squamous cell; others very rare – melanoma, lymphoma, basal cell, Kaposi’s sarcoma.


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  • Alexander R. Gottschalk
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