Esophageal Cancer

  • Charlotte Dai Kubicky
  • Hans T. Chung
  • Marc B. Nash


Esophageal cancer accounts for 5% of all GI cancers. There are 16,470 new cases and 14,280 deaths from esophageal cancer each year in the US. It is the sixth leading cause of death from cancer worldwide. Incidence increases with age, peaks at sixth to seventh decade. Male:female = 3.5:1. African-American males:White males = 5:1. Most common in China, Iran, South Africa, India, and the former Soviet Union. Risk factors: tobacco, EtOH, nitrosamines, Tylosis (congenitalhyperkeratosis), Plummer Vinson syndrome, achalasia, GERD, and Barrett’s esophagus. Four regions of the esophagus: Cervical = cricoid cartilage to thoracicinlet (15–18 cm from the incisor). Upper thoracic = thoracicinlet to tracheal bifurcation (18–24 cm). Midthoracic = tracheal bifurcation to just above the GE junction (24–32 cm). Lower thoracic = GE junction (32–40 cm).


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