Photonic and Biomedical Applications of the Two-Photon Polymerization Technique

  • Aleksandr Ovsianikov
  • Maria Farsari
  • Boris N. Chichkov


Since first experimental demonstration of microstructuring using two-photon polymerization (2PP) [1], the technology has experienced rapid development. The unique capability of this technique to create complex 3D structures with resolution, reproducibility, and speed superior to other approaches paved its way to applications in many areas. Figure 11.1a shows some SEM images of structures fabricated by 2PP for demonstrational purposes. Microvenus statues fabricated from negative photoresist SU8 [2] material are presented in comparison to the human hair. Each statue is about 50 μm tall and 20 μm wide, the overall fabrication time is just few minutes. Figure 11.1b shows an array of microspiders fabricated on a glass slide. Each structure is about 50 μm wide and the spider’s body is supported by eight 2 μm thick legs. Finally, a fragment of a windmill array (Fig. 11.1c), produced by 2PP using Ormocore [3] is shown. Fabricated in a single step, the structure consists of two physically separate parts – windmill body and propeller, which are interlocked in such way that the propeller can be rotated around the shaft. Therefore, using 2PP microfabrication it is possible to produce functional micromechanical components in a single step, without the necessity of tedious assembly procedure. Looking at these images, one can see the strength of 2PP technology and envision many potential applications.


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The authors gratefully acknowledge very important contribution from their colleagues, who have been involved in different part of this work: R. Kiyan, S. Schlie, A. Ngezahayo, M. Vamvakaki, and C.Fotakis. Biomedical applications have been studied in cooperation with A. Doraiswamy, T. Patz, R. Narayan, R. Modi, R. Auyeung, and O. Adunka. This work has been supported by the Excellence Cluster ReBirth, and DFG Transregio project TR37.


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  • Aleksandr Ovsianikov
  • Maria Farsari
  • Boris N. Chichkov
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  1. 1.Laser Zentrum HannoverHannoverGermany
  2. 2.Institute of Electronic Structures & Laser (IESL)HeraklionGreece

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