Ptosis Surgery: Comparing Different Surgical Techniques

  • Alon Skaat
  • Guy Jonathan Ben Simon


Surgical techniques for the treatment of ptosis are varied, presenting the surgeon with a complex repertoire of options. The treatment plan should be best matched to each individual case, based on the etiology, severity of the ptosis, levator function, and surgeon’s experience. Therefore familiarity with the different surgical techniques, their indications, advantages, and disadvantages may help the surgeon in making the best clinical decision. This chapter reviews the clinical outcome data in ptosis surgery based on comparative studies, comparing different surgical techniques, such as levator resection vs. Müller’s muscle resection vs. Fasanella–Servat for involutional ptosis, frontalis suspension via autogenous fascia vs. banked fascia vs. an alloplastic material (silicone, Gortex, and Supramyd) for poor levator function ptosis, and levator resection vs. frontalis suspension for congenital ptosis.


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