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The Future of Measurement in Human Services Settings

  • John S. Lyons


This book outlines a theoretical framework with documented effectiveness in support of using structured assessment and the resulting numerical information to guide the evolution of transformational offering in human services enterprises. Not long ago this work might have been expected to have been met with skepticism, perhaps a yawn or a pat on the head. However, with the continued evolution of the information age, it is hard to imagine that human services enterprises will back away from the continued search for measurement strategies to support their work. In fact, there is every indication that the focus on measurement and performance in human services will be even more central to the operations of these fields in the future. With rapidly emerging information technologies that support the use of information in these settings, measurement in human services will continue to grow in importance.


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  • John S. Lyons
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  1. 1.Endowed Chair of Child and Youth Mental Health ResearchUniversity of Ottawa and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern OntarioOttawaCanada

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