Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes: Scope of the Problem and Emergency Response

  • Eric E. Coris
  • Steve Walz
  • Anne B. Curtis
  • Frances Sahebzamani
  • Kira Zwygart


Exceeding 300,000 cases annually, sudden cardiac death (SCD) is the leading cause of death in the United StatesUSA [1, 2]. [1, 2] SCD is also the leading cause of death in athletes [3].[ 3] Defined as occurring within one 1 hour of participation in sports [4],[4] exercise-related SCD occurs in 1-5 one to five cases per one million athletes per year. Of the approximately 25 million competitive athletes in the USAUnited States, there are 25-125 documented cases of SCD per year, likely a significant underestimation.[5].


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