Anodes and Composite Anodes: An Overview

  • L. F. Nazar
  • O. Crosnier

The past years have witnessed significant improvements in the nature and capability of energy storage systems. A combination of fundamental and technologically driven studies were responsible for these advances, which have been reviewed in Chapter 1. Motivation for the advancement has been inspired by the ever-increasing demands that a multitude of applications are placing on the energy storage battery. In addition to the ever-popular needs for portable energy electronics, future demands lie in rechargeable batteries for hybrid electric vehicles, miniaturized electronics; space exploration, uninterrupted power supplies, and medical devices,1,2,3 These various applications differ in their requirements of the energy storage cell: some needing high power, and others needing high capacity. All demand safety, however, and most require excellent stability of the cell over long-term usage. As fuel cells are still many years away from meeting the needs in most of these areas, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries offer the only technological solution at present, and the best long-term solution for the foreseeable future in many of the areas. Developments in the positive electrode arena have produced materials capable of gravimetric energy densities in the regime of 200 mAh/g; therefore anode materials are sought to match these high-capacity cathodes. This chapter is devoted to a review of the new technologies in the field that may address these issues.


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