The Impact of Dietary Restrictions on Quality of Life in Kidney Disease

  • Cheryl Glover
  • Pauline Banks
  • Amanda Carson
  • Mick P. Fleming
  • Colin R. Martin


Kidney disease represents a chronic, distressing, and debilitating diagnosis with relatively few treatment options and those options that are available are associated with a number of complications that impact deleteriously on the individual patient’s quality of life. Nutritional and fluid aspects of patient management are critical to the quality of life of the patient and the trajectory of prognosis. This chapter explores the relationship of dietary parameters to quality of life in the patient with kidney disease.


Chronic Kidney Disease Peritoneal Dialysis Renal Replacement Therapy Dietary Restriction Fluid Restriction 
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Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis


Chronic kidney disease


End-stage renal disease


Glomerular filtration rate


Health-related quality of life


Kidney Disease Quality of Life Questionnaire


National Institute for Clinical Excellence


Quality-adjusted life year


Quality of life


Renal replacement therapy


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  • Pauline Banks
  • Amanda Carson
  • Mick P. Fleming
  • Colin R. Martin
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