Broadband Access Networks

  • Klaus Grobe
  • Jörg-Peter Elbers
  • Stephan Neidlinger
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Emerging broadband services are driving a new generation of metro access and backhaul networks. Residential bandwidths of up to 100 Mb/s and business services up to 10 Gb/s have to be supported on a broad scale. In order to reduce network operators cost, unified access/backhaul architectures which support all services, applications, and bit rates and replace application-specific and legacy solutions have to be implemented. These networks should be based on a future-proof WDM infrastructure for scalability and cost reasons. Migration can start with passive WDM technology. The WDM systems can then be complemented by ADM-like TDM functionality for GbE services and Layer-2 Ethernet switching functionality. In later migration steps, point-to-multipoint logical connectivity can be implemented on a per-wavelength basis. Optional WDM amplification and protection enhance maximum reach and service availability. When wavelength grid and per-channel bit rate of these WDM-PONs are optimized, cost points of standard GPON can be reached while at the same time improving total capacity, splitting ratio, and reach.


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  • Jörg-Peter Elbers
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  • Stephan Neidlinger
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