Tao Brush and Endometrial Cytology

  • John A. Maksem
  • Stanley J. Robboy
  • John W. Bishop
  • Isabelle Meiers
Part of the Essentials in Cytopathology book series (EICP, volume 7)

The traditional method of endometrial biopsy uses a specialized catheter to simultaneously suction and slice away a portion of the uterine lining. Tissue is collected through a small orifice present near the catheter tip. In comparison, the Tao brush method uses a small, flexible brush to gently brush the inside of the uterus. Thus, the Tao brush gathers a complete sampling of the uterine lining, removes tissue in a less traumatic fashion, and, as there is no need for continuous movement of the device across the cervical canal, is less painful than suction biopsy. Because the Tao brush method is able to collect samples from a 3-cm or greater length of the midportion of the uterine corpus without significant discomfort to the patient, it is an excellent method for early detection, therapeutic monitoring, and, among selected women, screening.


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