A 82-year-old man presented with pancytopenia and hypercalcemia. His thyroid function test was normal and serum electrophoresis showed no monoclonal gammopathy. A bone marrow biopsy revealed noncaseating granulomas (Figs. 85.1, 85.2, and 85.3). Computerized tomography of thorax showed extensive adenopathy throughout the mediastinum, as well as probable right hilar adenopathy. A transbronchial biopsy (Fig. 85.4) and a right axillary lymph node biopsy (Fig. 85.5) also demonstrated granulomatous lesions. A skin tuberculin test was negative. Serum coccidioidomycosis titers and urine antigen for histoplasmosis were also negative.


Skin Tuberculin Test Bone Marrow Biopsy Multinucleated Giant Cell Acid Fast Bacillus Cardiac Sarcoidosis 
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