Component-Based Autonomic Management for Legacy Software

  • Daniel Hagimont
  • Patricia Stolf
  • Laurent Broto
  • Noel De Palma


Distributed software environments are increasingly complex anddifficult to manage, as they integrate various legacy software withspecific management interfaces. Moreover, the fact that management tasks are performed by humans leads to many configuration errors and low reactivity. This is particularly true in medium or large-scale distributed infrastructures. To address this issue, we explore the design and implementation of an autonomic management system. The main principle is to wrap legacy software pieces in components in order to administrate a software infrastructure as a component architecture. In order to help the administrators defining autonomic management policies, we introduce high-level formalisms for the specification of deployment and management policies. This chapter describes the design and implementation of such a system and its evaluation with different use cases.


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Many of the contributions in this chapter were separately presented in several conference papers [5, 6, 14]. We would like to thank all the contributing authors, especially Fabienne Boyer, Sara Bouchenak, Christophe Taton and Sylvain Sicard. The work reported in this chapter benefited from the support of the French National Research Agency through projects Selfware (ANR-05-RNTL-01803), Scorware (ANR-06-TLOG-017) and Lego (ANR-CICG05-11).


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