The PHIRE Program Assessment Strategy

  • David I. HanauerEmail author
  • Graham F. Hatfull
  • Debbie Jacobs-Sera
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This chapter describes the specific assessment strategy developed for the educational assessment of the PHIRE program. The PHIRE assessment strategy covers formative diagnostic and summative aims of an education in bacteriophage scientific inquiry. The strategy proposed in this chapter consists of the integration of five different types of tool that cover the four knowledge sources of physical, cognitive, representational, and presentational knowledge and is organized across the scientific inquiry timeline of bacteriophage isolation and genomic identification. The overall approach follows the guidelines of authentic scientific inquiry assessment and designs assessment procedures following an informed understanding of the specific scientific and educational process that is being assessed.

As specified within Chap. 5, the process of designing an assessment strategy and constructing assessment tools consists of a series of stages. As an initial starting point the scientific...


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