The PHIRE Program

  • David I. HanauerEmail author
  • Graham F. Hatfull
  • Debbie Jacobs-Sera
Part of the Mentoring in Academia and Industry book series (MAI, volume 2)


The first section of this book (Chaps. 1–5) presents the theoretical basis for assessment of scientific inquiry and a practical framework for active assessment. This second section describes a case study and how the specific assessment strategies and tools were constructed and implemented. The first chapter of this second section presents a detailed description of the PHIRE program and establishes the context for authentic scientific inquiry and active assessment. The two subsequent chapters discuss the specific assessment strategies and the tools developed for active assessment within this program. The final chapter offers reflections from the perspective of the scientist-educator on the establishment of integrated research-education programs and the role of active assessment within this context. This case study is not presented with the expectation that it will be replicated elsewhere, but that it will provide a practical framework for establishing educational programs...


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