An Analytical Framework for the Development of Scientific Inquiry Assessment

  • David I. HanauerEmail author
  • Graham F. Hatfull
  • Debbie Jacobs-Sera
Part of the Mentoring in Academia and Industry book series (MAI, volume 2)


The aim of this chapter is to provide scientist-educators with a set of conceptual tools that can be used to develop an assessment program for in-lab, educational, scientific inquiry programs. This chapter operationalizes the concept of authentic scientific inquiry assessment (ASIA) within the active assessment approach. As argued in previous chapters, a core assumption of the active assessment approach is the idea that the prime researcher within a professional research laboratory is directly involved in the design of both the educational scientific inquiry program and the way this program is assessed. Accordingly, this chapter is designed to provide the scientist-educator with a terminology and conceptual methodology to fulfill this function.

Stages of Active Assessment Development

As described in the previous chapter, the process of developing an assessment program for scientific inquiry involves five stages: empirical description, definition of aims, tool development,...

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