Patellofemoral Disorders

  • Jeffrey T. Spang
  • John P. Fulkerson

Patients presenting with patellofemoral pain represent a challenging population in any orthopaedic practice. Most patients can be successfully managed with a systematic nonoperative program. Patient selection is the key to achieving successful surgical outcomes. A thorough understanding of patellofemoral anatomy coupled with a complete patient history and physical will increase the chances of success with arthroscopic intervention. A variety of pathologic conditions exist in the patellofemoral joint, including cartilage disease, malalignment, instability, arthritis, and soft tissue disorders. Arthroscopy may be the first line of surgical treatment for a complicated problem or the definitive solution to a complex issue. A clear preoperative understanding of the potential pathology that might be encountered at the time of arthroscopy will assist in correctly applying one of several arthroscopic surgical procedures.


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