Meniscal Allograft Transplantation

  • David M. JunkinJr
  • Jayesh K. Patel
  • Darren L. Johnson

Not all meniscal tears are reparable, resulting in partial or complete meniscectomy as the course of treatment. With the incidence of meniscectomy approximately 61 per 100,000 annually [1], the treatment for the meniscectomized patient has long been the dilemma of the treating physician, particularly in the young patient (less than 50 years old). The association of advanced progression of arthritic changes in the meniscectomized knee is well known. In 1948, Fairbanks described the radiographic changes after meniscectomy [2]. Numerous studies since then have correlated the observed radiologic changes with tibiofemoral arthritis. These changes, however, poorly predict clinical symptoms and pain.


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