Partial Meniscectomy

  • Laurie M. Katz
  • Paul P. Weitzel

In 1897, the meniscus was described by Sutton as a functionless remnant of a leg muscle [1]. By 1936, King [2, 3] recognized that the meniscus actually plays a role in joint stability, lubrication, congruity, and chondroprotection. His early studies on canines were among the first to document degenerative changes in postmeniscectomy knees, as well as the limited healing potential of meniscus tears. Radiographic evidence of the consequences of total meniscectomy was presented by Fairbank [4] in 1948, when he described ridge formation, joint space narrowing, and flattening of the femoral condyles in patients who had undergone this procedure. We have since continued to improve our understanding of the biomechanical functions of the meniscus, as well as the long-term consequences of its removal. Treatment of meniscus pathology has therefore evolved to include repair when feasible or, if not feasible, a limited partial meniscectomy.


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