The theory of piezoelectricity is based on a quasistatic approximation [1]. As a result, in this theory, although the mechanical equations are dynamic, the electromagnetic equations are static, and the electric field and the magnetic field are not dynamically coupled. Therefore, the theory of piezoelectricity does not describe the wave behavior of electromagnetic fields. For many applications in piezoelectric acoustic wave devices, the quasistatic theory is sufficient; but there are situations in which full electromagnetic coupling needs to be considered. When electromagnetic waves are involved, the complete set of Maxwell equations needs to be used, coupled to the mechanical equations of motion. Such a fully dynamic theory has been called piezoelectromagnetism by some researchers. Solutions for the propagation of plane waves in an unbounded piezoelectromagnetic medium were obtained in [2]. In addition to waves that are essentially acoustic, there are also waves that are essentially electromagnetic. These two groups of modes interact through piezoelectric coupling. Effects of viscosity and conductivity on plane waves were analyzed in [3].


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