To What Beginning?

  • Paul Naour
Part of the Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects book series (DIPR)

B.F. Skinner and E.O. Wilson both had long-term ambitions that their scientific contributions would be accessible to and understood by significant numbers of the public. It was readily apparent to each of them that they had a responsibility to appeal to a larger readership than the academic community. They also hoped that many readers might be motivated to make general application of their concepts to guide the emergence of a more altruistically responsive and peacefully sustainable world. Thus, a significant portion of their writing was given to more macroscopic issues regarding the relationship of their theories to the fate of humankind and to know human nature more fully for appropriate social planning.

Skinner and Wilson would likely agree that scientific explanations of human nature would serve humankind better than the unscientific approaches of ethics and some social sciences. Far from reductionistic, scientifically informed knowledge of human nature promises to advance the...


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