Human Sociobiology: The Essential E.O. Wilson

  • Paul Naour
Part of the Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects book series (DIPR)

Paradigm shifts are refreshing new ways for humanity to understand the nature of their existence and their universe. Sadly, any challenge to the commonly held current order promises to introduce significant dissonance to most practitioners in a discipline. Those responses are no less dramatic in empirical practice than in the practice of literature, economics, politics, and the wide array of other disciplines. Thus, the more frequent response to the introduction of a new paradigm is disbelief, perceived threat, antagonism, and outright attack. This common occurrence was elegantly noted by Darwin in the conclusion of The Origin of Species(1859) when he acknowledged “… I by no means expect to convince experienced naturalists whose minds are stocked with a multitude of facts all viewed, during a long course of years, from a point of view directly opposite to mine”. Surely, as we recognize the sesquicentennary year of Darwin’s conception of biological evolution, we must acknowledge that...


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