How to Expand Your Potential

  • Antony Cooke
Part of the Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series book series (PATRICKMOORE)

It is only natural that you will always want more; the thought of a bigger or better telescope is the most obvious place to start! However, there is much more to the complete picture than buying ever-larger telescopes. Having dealt with establishing some basic equipment minimums for your own enjoyment of astronomy, especially for taking part in astronomy with only limited time, we will now take a look at some additional things to increase the potential of the basic equipment itself. Because they can make your astronomy more productive they will save you time, and because the time you spend will be more immediately satisfying (translated: less frustrating), you will be more inclined to seize every opportunity you have to spend time with the stars, no matter how brief that may be.

Aside from the telescope (whether one to get you started or one that represents your final destination), plus some other key components, there are some pretty impressive accessories these days to tempt you further. Some of them actually have the effect of increasing the aperture of your telescope, and do, indeed, deliver on the promise. There are numerous other possibilities as well. Modern eyepieces, focusers, mountings, light pollution and narrowband transmission filters, digital setting circles, electric microfocusing, and even dual eyepiece stereo viewers also bring new potential to your telescope; certainly, there have never been more and better accessories to choose from. Without presenting a comprehensive survey of all that is available, here are some comments on those things that may best help you to attain some of the objectives of this book.


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