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  • Michael E. Portman

In an attempt to avoid being parochial and accused of painting an uneven brush stroke while presenting GAD to clinicians of different persuasions, many broad and select themes have been the focus of this publication, and hence the title Generalized Anxiety Disorder across the Life Span: An Integrative Approach. Too much of the research to date has been geared towards the taking up of a position, and competing for academic dominance. Even though there is an increased tolerance for other mental health disciplines and their research efforts and clinical ambitions, compared to in the past, the training of specialists in their respective fields with a certain focus creates an almost inevitable potential for myopia.

Having said all that in regard to GAD, the subject of this publication, the central ideas in this text have not just been about life span development and integrative treatment. They have included a need for greater openness to different therapeutic options, and increased...


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