Enigmas and Paradoxes

  • Michael E. Portman

Generalized anxiety disorder is an enigmatic condition. Even with all the advances that have taken place in the development of conceptual models for GAD (especially with adult patients) and the plethora of empirical research, both from a psychosocial and pharmacotherapeutic standpoint, GAD still remains somewhat of a mystery. It is hard to pinpoint exactly why a mysterious aura surrounds this disorder, as various compelling explanations for GAD's diagnostic existence and treatments have been broached, and seemingly confirmed throughout this text.

To briefly summarize some of the ongoing concerns that mystify certain experts in the field; the disorder has undergone multiple diagnostic revisions over the years, creating, in the skeptic's mind, a lack of interrater reliability and independence for GAD. Some believe that it is more akin to a personality disorder than a symptom-based one. GAD sufferers do remain undertreated, even when they seek treatment, and it has been understudied,...


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