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  • Michael E. Portman

Thus far in this publication the focus has been on the study and treatment of young and middle-aged adults with GAD. In my research and practice as a clinician, this has also been my area of specialization. However, this can create a myopic perspective of the condition (Beck & Averill, 2004). This neglect, until more recently, of pediatric, older adults, and culturally diverse patients (see next chapter) with GAD has created a serious clinical vacuum. The expansion of ensuing research efforts into these more marginalized clinical groups can open up new vistas as to how GAD manifests itself across the life span, while shedding light on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of these individuals.

In this chapter, the emphasis will be primarily on the psychosocial and pharmacological treatment of GAD in children, adolescents, and elderly patients. However, in order to give a wider and clearer view, it is imperative to first discuss in some detail the clinical presentation, assessment,...


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