Pharmacotherapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  • Michael E. Portman

This chapter title is somewhat of a misnomer, as it implies that what is being discussed here is simply the pharmacopeia for the treatment of GAD. Even though a revolution has taken place in the pharmacologic management of GAD, there has been growing research on the genetics and neurobiological correlates of the disorder. This information gives the clinician a more comprehensive theoretical understanding of GAD and the nature vs. nurture debate. For several years, some have felt that GAD was primarily a psychological disorder and should be treated by psychotherapy (Preston & Johnson, 2004). A more sophisticated and broader view is emerging, and factors in the reality that, for most psychiatric conditions (including GAD), the answer is not a simple either psychology or biology response. In most cases, a combination of both influences contributes to the symptomatology, pathogenesis, and management of many different emotional maladies (Nutt, Rickels, & Stein, 2002).

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