Reconstruction of Nasal Dorsum, Sidewall, Cheek, and Medial Orbit Open image in new window

  • Shan R. Baker


The patient was a 31-year-old female with a 2-year history of being treated for dacryocystitis of the left eye. A biopsy in the region of the lacrimal sac revealed an adenoid cystic carcinoma. Surgical resection of the tumor necessitated a medial maxillectomy and resection of the entire medial and inferior bony orbit and the medial canthal tendon. Portions of the medial aspect of the upper and lower eyelids were resected along with the medial periorbita and medial rectus muscle. A full-thickness resection of the bony dorsum and nasal sidewall was also performed. The anterior and posterior ethmoidal cells were removed (Fig. 30.1).


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