Thermochromic Transition-Metal Oxides

  • G. Guzman


The sol-gel process is based on the hydrolysis and condensation of molecular precursors. These molecular precursors are usually metal alkoxides. However, hydrolyzed metal ions in aqueous solutions exhibit also a sol-gel transition [1]. This technique is very convenient for the synthesis of oxides or multicomponent oxides such as ceramics or glasses. The crystalline structure and the atomic homogeneity can be tailored by controlling the process parameters. Usually, complete crystallized structures are obtained at lower temperatures than those of conventional ceramic processes. The preparation of thin films from sol-gel solutions is today one of the main applications of the sol-gel technique for the deposition of oxides with a wide variety of properties


Vanadium Oxide Vanadium Pentoxide Vanadium Dioxide Molecular Precursor Conventional Ceramic Process 
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