SERENITY in e-Business and Smart Item Scenarios

  • Azzedine Benameur
  • Paul El Khoury
  • Magali Seguran
  • Smriti Kumar Sinha
Part of the Advances in Information Security book series (ADIS, volume 45)


SERENITY Artefacts, like Class, Patterns, Implementations and Executable Components for Security & Dependability (S&D) in addition to Serenity Runtime Framework (SRF) are discussed in previous chapters. How to integrate these artefacts with applications in Serenity approach is discussed here with two scenarios. The e-Business scenario is a standard loan origination process in a bank. The Smart Item scenario is an Ambient intelligence case study where we take advantage of Smart Items to provide an electronic healthcare infrastructure for remote healthcare assistance. In both cases, we detail how the prototype implementations of the scenarios select proper executable components through Serenity Runtime Framework and then demonstrate how these executable components of the S&D Patterns are deployed.


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  • Paul El Khoury
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  • Magali Seguran
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  • Smriti Kumar Sinha
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