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Greenham Common Airbase

  • With Mike Anderton

Imagine a bomb up the bum of suburbia. But the bomb is made of organic flour, wrapped in ivy, painted in funky colours and thrown by pixies; half punk, half pagan. The spirit of the direct action protest movement is like this, half ‘spiky’, half ‘fluffy’–half politically hard, half warmly, humanly, soft. The movement boils with life lived to the brink, to the full, its emotion intense, raw and extreme (Griffiths, in Evans 1998).

Like Chaps. 5 and 6, this chapter also concerns opposition and protest, and how the materiality of opposition provides a necessary contribution to achieving a full and balanced interpretation of past events and social actions. Unlike Butler's (1996) survey of cultures of resistance on the M11 Link Road, the monuments of which were destroyed in the road's construction, this chapter further examines what survives materially both of the actions of those who protested against nuclear armament during the period of the ‘Second Cold War’ (Hobsbawm 1995: 244), and of...


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