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Jessie's Cats and Other Stories: Presenting and Interpreting Recent Troubles

  • John Schofield

Every Friday after work Jessie would collect a standing order of minced meat from her butcher in Hanover Street. She bought the mince specially to feed the cats in our area. Come rain or sunshine, Jessie turned up every Friday afternoon in the lane behind our house. Here she would stand on tiptoe to reach onto the high wall where all the neighbourhood's cats were gathered.

The cats loved her. They turned up in different shapes and sizes, colours and temperaments. Some of them were rough and ugly, but when Jessie fed them, they all behaved like sweet, adorable kittens… One Friday afternoon, Jessie, the ‘fairy godmother of the cats’, failed to arrive. The hours passed and the cats waited and waited. They all lingered, clearly hoping that she was merely delayed.

But Jessie never turned up to feed them…


Later (after the forced removals under the Group Areas Act, 1966M), rumours started going around that Jessie had (returned to the area and) been seen feeding the cats. Some of the...


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