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Le Carré Landscapes: The Cold War

  • John Schofield

This chapter presents a critique on Cold War heritage, describing why and for whom it has relevance and why archaeologists in particular appear to engage the subject with such enthusiasm. It also addresses the diversity of this historic legacy and the range of values that are ascribed to it. It would be wrong to describe this legacy as straightforward. This is an archaeology of discord which presents difficulties and challenges at every turn, but perhaps that is the attraction? This chapter will attempt to convey something of the climate that accompanies this cultural material: the heat that accompanies Cold War material culture and its conservation.


A comment sometimes made about archaeologists' developing interest in twentieth-century heritage is that archaeology is about distant times, commonly time before history, time during which there are no historic records to draw upon and no testimonial evidence. But archaeology is more than this. It is an approach to studying...


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