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Introduction Considering Virilio's (1994) Bunker Archeology

  • John Schofield

An entry for the Encyclopedia of Urban Studies concerns ‘military bunkers’ (Armitage in press). It bears citation here as an introductory and contextual comment on what this book contains, and what I hope to achieve by publishing it. Created outwith the disciplines of archaeology and heritage, the entry captures the essential basis of this as an archaeological issue, albeit with clear connections elsewhere, in urban studies and sociology for example. The entry also draws in two key references which I will use in this introductory chapter, and which underpin much in the chapters that follow: one is Paul Virilio's essential and inspirational Bunker Archaeology (1994); the other my own more workmanlike Combat Archaeology (2005), which interests me here more for Mike Gane's critique in the journal Cultural Politics (2007), than in my own views on its significance and status.

Of military bunkers, John Armitage wrote:

There is an increasing interest, in urban studies, sociology, and...


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