MSE Walls in Solid Waste Applications

  • Thomas M. Yanoschak
Conference paper


As expanding existing landfills and siting new landfills becomes increasingly difficult, landfill owners and operators are continually looking for new ways of increasing the effective disposal capacity at their existing facilities. The use of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls is one potential means by which landfill operators can add additional waste disposal airspace with little or no additional land requirements. This paper introduces the concept of MSE walls by providing examples of how incorporation of the walls can increase disposal capacity of an existing landfill. MSE wall design is briefly addressed with discussions on the types of geogrid reinforcement, geogrid properties, factors affecting MSE wall stability, and the types of facing options that are available for MSE walls. Design examples are provided illustrating the use of MSE walls to expand the capacity of both lined and unlined landfills. An example showing an MSE wall incorporated into a lateral expansion is also provided.


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