Environmental Ethics of Health Mission To Enugu Nigeria

  • Godfrey A. Uzochukwu
  • Mary E. Uzochukwu
  • Ethelbert Odo
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The Enugu USA Medical Mission is a humanitarian year round mission to provide free health care to the people of Enugu State of Nigeria who are underserved and less privileged. The purpose of the Enugu USA Medical Mission is to contribute to solutions that solve health issues. Toxic chemicals contaminate drinking waters, build up in human organs and bones, and become a time bomb that may trigger birth defects, physical disabilities, mental retardation, and other illnesses years after being consumed. After a rain event, raw sewage flows directly into creeks and streams and causes water pollution. A chemical leak produces poisonous gas cloud that pollutes the air. Illegal hazardous and toxic waste dumps are common in Enugu Nigeria. Empty plastic bottles are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.


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