Collection, Processing, and Analysis of Three-Dimensional EBSD Data Sets

  • Michael A. Groeber
  • David J. Rowenhorst
  • Michael D. Uchic

Three-dimensional (3D) characterization methods are required to completely determine microstructural descriptors such as the true shape and size of features, the number of features, and the connectivity between these features. Experimental methods to characterize microstructure in 3D have undergone dramatic improvements in the past decade, and there now exists a host of methodologies that are capable of determining 3D microstructural information, ranging from counting individual atoms to imaging macro-scale volumes. The state of the art for this field has been reviewed recently in a Viewpoint Set for Scripta Materialia (Spanos 2006).


Mechanical Polishing Orientation Distribution Function Martensite Crystal Correlation Ratio EBSD Data 


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    • 1
  • David J. Rowenhorst
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  • Michael D. Uchic
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  2. 2.The United States Naval Research Laboratory, Code 6355WashingtonUSA

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