Phase Identification Through Symmetry Determination in EBSD Patterns

  • David J. Dingley
  • S.I. Wright


The established use of electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) is now widespread in orientation determination, orientation mapping (OIM), and when coupled with X-ray energy dispersive chemical analysis (EDS), as a tool for phase discrimination (Schwartz et al. 2000). A look back at the early application of the technique, before full automation, shows that it was used primarily for extracting the symmetry elements of an unknown crystal phase. The approach is detailed in Chapter 3 of An Atlas of Wide Angle Kikuchi Patterns (Dingley et al. 1994) and applied extensively to an investigation of an anomalous thin film growing on the surface of a synthetic nickel sulfide crystal (Baba-Kishi and Dingley 1987). Both point group and space group symmetries were extracted. The fundamental limitations that arise from the backscatter diffraction process itself have been discussed by Baba-Kishi (1986) and Dingley et al. (1994). In particular, whereas electron diffraction is exempt from...


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  1. 1.H. H. Wills Physics LaboratoryBristol UniversityBristolUK
  2. 2.EDAX-TSLDraperUSA

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