A Review of In Situ EBSD Studies

  • Stuart I. Wright
  • Matthew M. Nowell

In the first fully automated electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) system (Wright and Adams 1992), later termed orientation imaging microscopy (OIM) (Adams et al. 1993), four seconds were required to index each EBSD pattern. A few in situ studies were performed using these early systems involving a tensile stage (Weiland et al. 1996) and a heating stage (Humphreys and Ferry 1996). While this was a big step forward, modern commercial systems are capable of speeds over three orders of magnitude faster. Fortunately, while automated EBSD technology was advancing, scanning electron microscope (SEM) technology was also advancing.


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The authors acknowledge the contribution of Seiichi Suzuki of TSL Solutions for the engineering of the heating stage; Robert Kubic and Raja Mishra of General Motors for providing access to the in situ tensile stage; Tom Lillo of Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory for providing the copper ECAE sample; and Jeff Farrer of Brigham Young University for the gold wire mount results.


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