Malpractice Insurance

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There are two basic types of malpractice insurance coverage – claims made and occurrence. Claims-made policies are the most common type encountered in private practice. Occurrence policies are more typical with very large employers like the government, universities and pre-paid health plan groups.

Occurrence coverage is the “ideal” type of malpractice insurance. Whenever a patient encounter occurs, your malpractice insurance in effect at that time covers you indefinitely if a claim is subsequently made for that care encounter. If you leave the practice, you don’t have to worry about maintaining malpractice insurance coverage for any prior events. This is the type of malpractice insurance you probably have as a resident. If you go into practice and you are subsequently named in a lawsuit for an event that occurred while serving as a resident, you will be covered by your residency sponsor or employer, usually a university or hospital. Policy limits are usually higher since they are the...


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