Medical Staff Credentialing and Privileges

  • William W. Feaster

It takes longer than you think!

Before you can start to practice with your new employer, you need to apply to the medical staff of the hospital(s), ambulatory surgery center(s), etc. in which you’ll be working, and request privileges to practice in these organizations. In addition, in order to bill and collect from the various types of insurances, including governmental payers, you will also need to either be credentialed by each insurer, an IPA (Independent Practice Organization) if the insurers delegate credentialing to the IPA, and get the appropriate provider numbers for your new state’s Medicaid program (every state is different) and Medicare. This latter form of credentialing is usually done by your practice or billing agency, but you have to provide them with the appropriate information. We will focus on Medical Staff credentialing and privileges here since many of the same principles apply to both types. A suggested timeline for how best to plan your credentialing and obtain...


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