The Interview

  • Melissa T. Berhow

After targeting specific job options and establishing initial contacts, it is time to prepare for the interview. As with your interviews for medical school and residency, your future employer is looking for someone who is competent, reliable, and affable (i.e. is likely to succeed). Although some employers may look at you as a short-timer (and may be rightly so if you have a year to burn while your spouse finishes training), most employers want “long term compatibility.” This includes assessing if you are going to fit in well with your co-workers as well as determining if living in the area is compatible with your interests and family needs.

Some basics of interviewing are as follows:
  • Look like you want the job: You may live your professional life in scrubs, but now is the time to break out the executive wear (or perhaps your cleaned and pressed residency interview suit if it still fits!).

  • Be prepared: Find out as much as you can about the practice before you interview. If it is a...


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