Montes Carpatus

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Montes Carpatus or the Carpathian Mountains are a range that forms the southern shore of Mare Imbrium, the Sea of Rains. About 170 miles long and up to 36 miles wide it is just north of the great crater Copernicus. The higher peaks are up to 1½ miles high. Observe these fine mountains 2 days after first quarter. They make a grand sight in any size scope.

Gay Lussac (16 miles) is a low walled crater in the Carpathians. The rim is only about ½ mile above the flat floor.

Draper (5 miles) is a deep little crater just north of the Carpathians. At 1 mile deep it makes a nice pairing with an unnamed crater that is very similar to itself and located 5 miles to its south.

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